Feedback on TL Tax Conference

What a wonderful moment spent in Cyprus with Tax Linked!

Here the picture of  me (France), Tatiana Falcao (Italy) and Jeremy Cape (UK), on Tech&Tax panel !

We were pleased to debate about how can technology help and impact international tax sector. I had the pleasure to introduce few LegalTech companies implemented into France, on different areas, including Qwant, free web research platform without data collection.

Both main issues about Tech&Tax

  1. How to protect our clients from data collection and how to protect legal priviledge from tax authorities and hackers
  2. How to use these new LegalTech companies (principaly created by lawyers in France), to help tax professionals to resolve cases and give better advice to our clients, without losing humanity…

Do we have to be afraid about automation of our work?

My international tax colleagues were kind of afraid about automation of our work. I was glad to teach them that improving the quality of our work and giving suitable advice is the goal of automation! But only if we still have control of these tools, and especially on data collected through these new companies…

We also were pleased to talk about robot tax, digital economy and « start-up nation », blockchain, cryptocurrency and other interesting topics.

More about 2018 TL International Tax Conference!

Earlier in the morning, I was pleased to introduce my feedback about impact of BEPS rules on French international law and especially on Tax Treaties concluded by France.

During 4 days, we debated about the European Global Corporate Tax Income project, Brexit tax issues, strongly debate about Transparency (Ownership beneficaries, incomes, business secrecy, etc.), had been introduced about Cryptocurrency Regulation in Europe especially after Malta Law, or discovered new projects about IP/IT tax haven in Europe.

I remain at your disposal should you have any question about one of these topics, or about wine in Cyprus!

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